IT Product Procurement

Upgrade to the latest technology

With multiple IT vendors, we are able to supply a range of IT equipment from all the leading brands. Backed with manufacturer next-day onsite business warranty's * - Product specific.




NUC Computers



  • Modern NUC Desktop Computers
  • Cad workstations
  • Notebooks
  • MFC Printers
  • Networking NAS storage servers

Information technology can be a complex field, especially when it comes to buying and upgrading equipment.

From computers and servers through to mobile devices and networks, your digital infrastructure is only as strong as its weakest link.
Webtech helps with all aspects of product procurement, providing advice given on leading products and supply channels activated for best prices on town. If you’re in the market for new IT products in Palmerston North or Manawatu, we would love to help.
We handle sales and upgrades on your behalf, with our friendly team able to hook you up with the latest gear, integrate it with the rest of your system, and teach your staff how to use it to ensure maximum productivity.

We offer comprehensive product selections, upgrade options to meet your changing needs, and product integration for unique custom solutions.

Our procurement services include:

• Computers
• Laptops
• Wireless networks
• Servers