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Stevensons Doors

Digital Impact, Tangible Presence

Digital Impact, Tangible Presence

Stevenson's Doors Ltd stands tall as a symbol of reliability and innovation. Catering to both homeowners and large-scale commercial projects, they have earned their reputation for delivering locally-manufactured garage doors with an unwavering commitment to quality.

Stevenson's Doors recognized the need for a rejuvenated identity while safeguarding their esteemed heritage. This realization marked the inception of our collaborative journey. The challenge was clear: infuse a contemporary essence without compromising the core identity that made Stevenson's Doors a trusted name.

Our strategy was purposeful. We embarked on crafting comprehensive brand guidelines covering every facet – from logo and brandmark usage to fonts, colours, patterns, icons, and collateral like business cards and signage. The objective was to not just digitally rebrand but to seamlessly blend tradition with modernity, ensuring Stevenson's Doors retained its essence while appealing to a new era. Our dedication extended beyond pixels. Recognizing the importance of tangible assets, we invested significant effort in creating brand-new product brochures for both domestic and commercial aspects. 

Through strategic branding, we've not just revitalized their image but fortified their position as industry leaders, seamlessly blending the rich tapestry of their heritage with the demands of the contemporary market.



brand strategy and identity, brand guidelines, signage, brochures

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